David Wampamba


How to buy computers with best processorsK

Almost the most important component of the computer is the processor because it does the heavy duty of computing/processing requests. Because the strong it is, everyone wanting to buy the a computer considers the most popular of the processor while

How to set up a Hybrid Mobile App development environment!

Have you ever wanted to develop mobile apps using web technologies i.e HTML, CSS and Javascript? In fact, you might have tried but failed along the way after failing to set up your computer for the task. It has happened

Why single board computers are expensive?

Like I defined earlier a single board computer, is just a circuit board without anything else. Just like a bare motherboard of a normal computer. Without extra parts one can not run it. One if it’s advantage over a normal

Wow… can one board computers be this pretty?

For those following my posts, you could be aware about my desire to conceptualize the idea of helping every youth in Uganda to have access to a computer. I know a little about law prohibiting importation of second hand/used laptops

Good News: Equity bank and PayPal announcement to improve investment.

In a bid to improve their service for Kenya citizens PayPal and Equity Bank Kenya have just announced improvements in their service. PayPal is an online (internet based) payment service originating from United States of America. PayPal helps individuals and

How to create Web Applications using WordPress! Part 1

WordPress powers over 24million websites online, and people are leveraging it’s simplistic to create amazingly life changing web applications, without spending much time on coding. In article I will teach you how to create Web Applications using WordPress, of course

Simplest WordPress plugins creation, Part 1.

There is no question WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, in the world of CMS possibly because of it’s simplistic and the free blog platform wordpress.com and support for several features; theming, plugins, widgets, media management and more being


Why get a credit card in Uganda?

Online(internet) wholesale and retail stores are increasing in the this third world country. With the launch of stores like Jumia.com, lamudi.com, ugunlocked.com, pesapal.com and etc… one would miss out on top quality affordable items if you didn’t have a credit

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