David Wampamba


It's now – the encouraging lesson!

Hey! Hope you are doing well. Today I want to share my thoughts about the idea of now. I’m writing  about this because many people in the world are suffering from regrets. A story I’m an iron blogger (ibcoco.net). Here everyone

How to earn from a blog?

Many people from different walks of life ask me this about making an income from blogs or websites. As if everyone is looking at alternative ways of making money. Is it because of the world’s economic recession or the improved

What a way to spend first Sunday of February 2017?

Usually I’m with a laptop trying to do something. I’m either designing a website using WordPress or I’m learning something online or I’m sharing something on social media. 5th February was exceptional. As I spared sometime for me then attended

Discoveries after coding on Christmas and Boxing day.

I’m sitting and procrastinating many ideas which could be important to life of many. It’s not because of laziness however, it’s due to a couple of distractions of which some relate to what I have written in this blog. Though

Why should I be energetic for 2017?

2016 is a memory. Full of personal and business challenges, surprises and milestones. The opportunities,  that it brought such as the “Dine and Dream” and Unleash dreams workshops for free of charge. Over 4 districts of Uganda traveled to educate

What would you do in my situation? 

I set out to blog at least once a month to fulfill the obligation as an ironblogger but recently it’s been hectic to fulfill the obligation. In the recent 2 months my company Gagawala Graphics ltd, which offers services in

How will I achieve a 10,000 youth empowerment goal?

Normally I blog once a week, but I missed last week because I was interrupted by the journey to Nairobi, Kenya. Sorry my readers for keeping you waiting. If you have been following my previous blog posts then you’re familiar

Why choose a computer as tool to empower youths in Uganda?

Like 2 weeks ago I wrote about empowering a rural child in Uganda, in the article I focused on building affordable computer units as tools to be used in the process. This is why I think they are ultimately offering a competitive

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