My name is David Melbourn Wampamba.

I use passion and optimism as tools to cultivate positive energy in each person I meet so that we achieve collective growth and progress.

I am passionate about teaching people Web Development and Content Creation.

What have I worked on?

I’m excited to share some of the work I have worked on.

WooCommerce powers Online stores
0 M

Installed on 58.5M websites, WooCommerce, is a WordPress plugin that transforms any WordPress website into an e-commerce platform. Submitted open-source contributions such as Uganda Shillings currency and Uganda compatible billing and shipping address feature, which helps online shops increase in sales and deliver items effectively in Uganda. empowers business
0 M – is an online platform where suppliers in Uganda get funded to deliver in time and pay later. As a server administrator and consultant, I’m charged with setting up, maintaining, and securing the production environment for the platform. It helps suppliers get funded in a few days instead of weeks or months. entertainment news house
0 K – is an online leading entertainment news platform. As a full-stack developer, I play the role of server administration, front-end and back-end WordPress engineering since 2016. It helps more than 80K people per month, access the latest entertainment news for free, offers advertisement services that companies like MTN are embracing and offers jobs to young people in Uganda.



Flexibility – In 2015, I was invited to facilitate a workshop at Walukuba community event – Jinja. It gathered social artists of different walks of life from different parts of Uganda. On short notice I was requested to facilitate the workshop in Luganda instead of English in which I had prepared the presentation. Though it was a challenge, I successfully delivered. And on my occasions I try take action which aren’t primarily assigned to me, as long as they are within my capacity and can move us forward.

Teamwork – I love to work with others, it helps me learn from others and share my experiences with team mates. Regardless to say, team work gets work done faster effectively.

Effective Communication – Communicating effectively has given me opportunities to be a speaker at various tech events like WordCamp Kampala and Entebbe thus help hundreds if not thousands of technology leaders tap into my knowledge and experiences.

Self-drive – This gives me the ability to learn faster, go after opportunities and deliver as promised.

On Panel at WordCamp

Leading the Tech session at Luwero


2021 – Current: Ablestate Creatives Limited, Chief Executive Officer

2021 – Current: Bweyogerere Tuberebumu Sacco, Executive Chairperson 

2019: Andela Learning Community Ambassador

2019: Facebook, DevC KLA – Study Group facilitator

2018 – Current: Ensibuko Arts Foundation – Jinja, Uganda – Volunteering web developer consultant.

2018 – 2019: Hour of Knowledge – Kabalagala – Kampala, Volunteering Project coordinator

2014 – 2020: Co-founder, Product developer, Gagawala Graphics (Uganda) Limited

2018 – Current: Co-founder, Lead Coach, Ablestate Creatives (Uganda) Limited

2010 – 2014: Co-founder, website designer & I.T support, Fortis Computer Innovations (Uganda) Limited

2015 – 2016: Crystal Innovative Systems, I.T support personal – Kampala, Uganda

2012 – 2015:  Sammak International Organization, Volunteer interim Public Relations Officer

2011 – 2013: Aida Business Center, Technician – Kampala, Uganda

2009 – 2010: Intellect Computer Services Internet cafe, Technician and customer support – Kansanga, Kampala, Uganda

2007 – 2008: Secretarial Bureau Attendant, Nana Secretarial Bureau – Kabalagala, Kampala, Uganda


2022: Certificate of Completion, Avant-garde Entrepreneur Foundation 

2019: (Facebook scholarship) – Data science

2018: Nano degree in Android Basics, Udacity.

2007: MacMaine School of Computing, Kampala,Uganda

2003 – 2006: Uganda Certificate of Education, Tropical High School, Kampala, Uganda

1996 – 2002: Primary Leaving Education, certificate, Kansanga Primary School, Kampala, Uganda

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