Hey 👋

I’m Wampamba David.

Am producing Web Development, Programming, and Online Monetisation Content. As well as train Newbie programmers.


“Learn. Monetise. Rejoice”

A passionate software consultant, garnering experience in all round tools for modern businesses including WordPress, GCP, Linode, Heroku, and other clouds.

“My purpose in life is to plant a seed of peace in order to cultivate positive energy in everyone”.


What I Do

I offer a range of solutions to suit your business needs.

WordPress Quickfix
If you’re looking for experience, I have over five years of experience combining developing, maintaining, restoring broken sites, and deploying several active WordPress websites that receive up to 100K traffic on a monthly basis. Hire me to:-

  • Optimize your WordPress website and improve performance
  • Customize existing WordPress themes and plugins
  • Develop fully-fledged cutting edging plugins and themes
  • Fix bugs in your existing WordPress websites
  • Migrate and deploy your WordPress website on various server environments and cloud including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Linode, Contabo, and Digital Ocean.


With over five years of experience in vanilla JavaScript, I love the modernity that ReactJS brings as a UI library. Thanks to Facebook.

It is my go-to library for Mobile and Web Apps development.

Hire me to:-

  • Quickly fix bugs
  • Customize existing components
  • Develop fully-fledged Functional Components and introduce modern hooks in your apps.
  • Formulate a TDD and BDD strategy in your projects

The tools I love to use you everyday

Trello – for project management

Github – For Source code version control

Discord – For collaboration and sharing ideas

YouTube and Stackoverflow – the go-to for quick insights into strange bugs.

My Work

In one way or the other, I actively and continuously offer technical skills support to various innovations out there. Through opensource contributions, quick fixes, building from start to finish, and/or adding features.

I’m happy to mention some below.

MY treasures

Flexibility – In 2015, I was invited to facilitate a workshop at Walukuba community event – Jinja. It gathered social artists of different walks of life from different parts of Uganda. On short notice I was requested to facilitate the workshop in Luganda instead of English in which I had prepared the presentation. Though it was a challenge, I successfully delivered. And on my occasions I try take action which aren’t primarily assigned to me, as long as they are within my capacity and can move us forward.

Teamwork – I love to work with others, it helps me learn from others and share my experiences with team mates. Regardless to say, team work gets work done faster effectively.

Communication – Communicating effectively has given me opportunities to be a speaker at various tech events like WordCamp Kampala and Entebbe thus help hundreds if not thousands of technology leaders tap into my knowledge and experiences.

Self-drive – This gives me the ability to learn faster, go after opportunities and deliver as promised.


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