David Wampamba

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As an experienced software developer, I can comfortably work with React, PHP, SQL, Linux VPS, Next, ReactNative, SEO, WordPress, and Strapi.

Agile practitioner, coach, technical writer, and customer support specialist.

MEET some of my work

Technical Articles and Documentation

In my writing, I aim for simplicity, clarity, an active voice, engagement, and search engine optimization. Click each title below to read the content.

Training on youtube

My motive for sharing on YouTube is to share my knowledge and help young people in my local community learn PHP, WordPress development and develop employable technical skills for FREE.


My Open-source contributions were inspired by the User Experience and business problems customers and shop owners in Uganda faced with WooCommerce. Click the title to find out more.


I used WordPress to develop high-performing websites that receive an average monthly traffic of 90K. Helping my clients meet their missions.

Why choose an Experienced software developer?

Being a leader of result-oriented teams and my own startup gives me the opportunity to be observant, careful, and keen. This inspires my creativity and optimism to pursue excellence in my work.

If I have the answer to the why question, that means I have the  direction sorted. This is the basis for me to solve the most difficult tasks quite smoothly and with enthusiasm.

I have a decade of experience coding in technology, both as a developer, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. This puts me ahead of the competition as a source of high-quality tech solutions.

What My customers say about my work

meet my experienced software developer services

TW = Technical Writing

WP = WordPress

Before jumping onto WordPress and learning it all by myself in a few weeks, I had a concrete background in PHP, Joomla and CakePHP.

I share my knowledge in WordCamps and on my YouTube channel for you to learn for free.

You can book my exclusive paid WP one-on-one mentoring sessions to learn more.

Got that idea that will change the world?

A WordPress developer should be experienced in collaboration, version control, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, UI design, and troubleshooting.

Get in touch now, and I will develop that WP theme or plugin incredibly fast.

Technical Writing is a lucrative and profitable skill. You need to stand out in the TW competitive landscape.

Begin by learning to code, then TW.

If you already have coding skills and want to challenge yourself in TW, book my TW Mentorship program.


Technical writing is the process of writing Technical Articles and documentations to simplify complex terms and processes related to a tool. Technical writing aims to promote interest in products by attracting more readers and involvement.

  • Technical writing aims to promote interest in products by attracting more readers and engagement.
  • Technical Articles increase product sales by incredible margins.
  • Technical Articles increase the brand’s visibility and authority online and the market.

Some of the things you should look for in a technical writer are experience, coding, SEO and writing skills, philosophy, and recommendations from past clients.

There are many ways to find a professional technical writer, including searching in the search engines, social media platforms, local networks, local communities, and utilising freelance platforms.

It’s important to set your expectations clearly before deciding to go on the search for a professional technical writer.

You should be able to describe your product to a professional technical writer before approaching them.

A WordPress Product is anything built on or for WordPress. This can be a Website, a WordPress theme, a plugin or a service meant to solve the problems WordPress users face.

A WordPress technical writer is an individual who has a profound interest in writing about WordPress and related products such as WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, WordPress platforms, and others.

They can write blog articles, how-to guides, documentation, copywrite phrases, and so much more.

If you run a WordPress based business/organisation, startup and do have the time to write or you think someone else can do the job better, you deserve a WordPress Technical Writer. 

The quickest place to find a WordPress technical writer is the local WordPress community. Usually local WordPress communities have leads who can be resourceful when you want a recommendation for a WordPress technical writer. 

You can also find a WordPress technical writer online by searching in the search engines, on freelance platforms, on social media platforms, especially X.com and LinkedIn, as well as in Facebook WordPress-focused groups.

You can also hire me as a WordPress technical writer, WordPress trainer, or WordPress developer. Click here to make an offer.

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