About me


My purpose in life is to plant a seed of peace so that together we can dwell in peace.

What do I do?

To be precise, I love challenging the status quo, because it is a concise way to manifest continuous improvement among humans and the environment we live in.

Over the years I build websites, web, and mobile apps as a way of solving tough life challenges like lack of connectivity, unemployment, and democratic movement, e-commerce, and financial inclusion.

I’m happy to be among the few, who have boldly started and established more than one startup in Uganda, and actively involved in mentoring other young people about business for free.

I’m an instructor and I have been happy to attend a number of Ugandan children, youth and young adults and help them learn, and advance in coding.

Being an entrepreneur

Growing up, we used to have some small gardens to which we planted food like bananas, mangoes, jack fruit, beans, and maize. During the harvest period, they could share the food among families and sell off the surplus to for income. I didn’t quite get involved in the selling as much as I did in the planting and eating. That way my aunt could afford to take care of her children, her sister and myself.

Looking back this is the backbone of my entrepreneurship.

The situation inspired me to become someone important to the family in a way of appreciating the love I got from my relatives as if they were my father and mother.

During my secondary school, a friend got me introduced to computers, which became my hobby and I’m fortunate to have created a career in something I love. As a kid, I liked playing with toys. I could either repair them for my friends or make my own using barbed wires. So solving problems using technology has been part of me since a child.

Connecting the dots, this is the reason I have been able to participate in setting up and sustaining of Gagawala Graphics Limited (Gagawala) – a creative and printing agency based in Kampala, Uganda. Through Gagawala we create and provide solutions which help small businesses and organizations identify themselves uniquely and establish themselves firmly in the market. Since 2015, as Gagawala we provide corporate branding, graphics design, printing, web development, and related services to over 500 brands based in Uganda and Africa. Click here to visit Gagawala’s website.

Also if you know me from way back in the day or follow me, you’ve seen me sharing knowledge. Sharing knowledge comes naturally to me, and I believe it should be to everyone so that we can fulfill the mission of EACH ONE, TEACH ONE. This inspired me to co-found Ablestate Creatives Limited (Ablestate) which is both a recruitment and human labor building agency, which seeks to source, prepare and connect Ugandan UI/UX designers, software developers and Software engineers to world-class employers and organizations. Click here to visit Ablestate’s website.

Hour of Knowledge inaugural class. Hour of Knowledge is a project between the partnership of Ablestate and People Concern Children’s Project.

Being a software developer

Becoming a software developer came as a result of desiring a PlayStation which I couldn’t afford. In my town, there used to be internet cafes where kids could go to play games such as Need for Speed, Fifa, etc. Kids had to pay some money. For parents who never wanted their kids to be outside in the night tried their best to buy PlayStations for them. But for most kids and I, our families couldn’t afford any of the two options.

So I looked for other ways and concluded to create my own PlayStation. I didn’t go deep in it before I got to know that I had to learn to code.

After four years in secondary school, I joined MacMaine School of Computing, in Kampala, Uganda to learn programming.

Before enrolling me, I was warned that due to my background, it would nearly be impossible to get closer to what I wanted to pursue. But I thank Mr.Wambedde for introducing me and others to programming in C, C++, VB and JAVA languages. Though I couldn’t quite connect, it played a positive role in self-learning of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, VueJS, React & React Native.  Which I have relied on to create a career and put bread to the table. I didn’t create a PlayStation as I opted to focus on Web development and using some of my income and free time to teach young people and youths in underprivileged communities.

Below are some of the websites I have developed.

Being an Instructor

When I was little, in the absence of my mother and father, my aunt was never absent. She could spare time to attend speech days and other ceremonies at school. Whenever a school called a parents’ meeting she was there, when I fell sick she was there. All she wanted for me, was to feel loved like a child as well as to be educated. She believed in me and always encouraged me to help her children to do homework.

I think this is where my love to share knowledge comes from. I’m forever grateful Senga Nakato.

In the quest to become a professional career and life design coach, I facilitate at events and workshops, covering topics in the categories of computers and technology, career design, life design, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Some of the events I have facilitated at are; the WordCamps in Uganda, WordPress meetups in Kampala and Entebbe, Youth Legacy Africa community event at Walukuba – Jinja, Girls Take the lead at Masese Girls Senior Secondary School – Jinja, Discover your purpose at RPM – Kampala, Uganda.

Community Contributor

In my early computing days, Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux inspired me a lot because he didn’t only give the world a tool which perhaps influenced the way we use technology but he gave it to everyone for free and had the courage to face criticism from the ignorant and literate.

Personally open-source was already helping and empowering me to learn and practice even before I had heard of it. In fact, am a great believer that without it, technology wouldn’t go far and people would suffer more than today. Take a look at WordPress, it’s success relies on it being open-source, that is why it powers over 30% of the web.

Basically open-source is the heart of technology. It empowers mobile devices, enables research, studying, shopping, banking, finTech, flights, education, and creation of communities.

My notable open-source contributions have been made to the Woocommerce WordPress plugin to help improve the online shopping experience in Uganda. clicking here to check out me on Github.