What is my mission in life?

To use my passion and optimism to cultivate positive energy among the different individuals I meet so that we can achieve collective growth and progress.

What do I do?

To be more specific, I enjoy challenging the status quo because it is how we as humans as well as our ecosystem demonstrate continuous improvement. I’ve built websites and web and mobile apps to address difficult life issues such as lack of connectivity, unemployment, e-commerce, and financial difficulties over the years. I’m happy to have founded and mentored several startups, as well as to have taught young people about business and self-awareness. On my YouTube channel, I teach about the PHP and JavaScript programming languages, as well as content creation and technology use.

My Entrepreneurship

As a peasant family, we had some small gardens where we planted food crops. During harvest season, we could distribute food to families and sell some for profit. I wasn’t as concerned with selling as I was with planting. This is how my aunt supported her children, her sister, and me.

This, in retrospect, is the foundation of my business passion.

The situation motivated me to repay the love in order to appreciate the love I received from my relatives, who acted as my father and mother.

A friend introduced me to computers during my secondary school years, which became my hobby, and I’m fortunate to have made a career out of something I enjoy. As a child, I used to enjoy playing with my toys. I could fix them for my friends or make my own from barbed wire.

By connecting the dots, I was able to assist in the establishment and sustainability of Gagawala Graphics Limited (Gagawala), a creative and printing agency based in Kampala, Uganda. Gagawala creates and delivers solutions that help small businesses and organizations differentiate themselves and establish a strong market presence. Since 2015, Gagawala has provided over 500 Ugandan and African brands with corporate branding, graphics design, printing, web development, and other related services.

You’ve also seen me share knowledge if you follow me on social media. Sharing knowledge is something that comes naturally to me, and I believe it should come naturally to everyone else if we are to leave the world a better place than we found it. This inspired me to co-found Ablestate Creatives Limited (Ablestate), a startup that specialises and is dedicated to finding, preparing, and connecting High-Value Developer Talent with Businesses around the world.

Because couldn’t afford PlayStation, became software developer. 
In my town, there used to be internet cafes where kids could play games like Need for Speed, Fifa, and others. 
fee was levied on children. Parents who didn’t want their children to be outside at night tried everything they could to get them PlayStations. 
However, most families could not afford both options. was one of these families.
looked into other possibilities and became interested in building my own PlayStation. and along the way, realized needed to learn to code.

After four years of secondary school, I enrolled in the MacMaine School of Computing in Kampala – Uganda, to learn programming.

Before enrolling me, I was warned that getting closer to what I wanted to pursue would be nearly impossible due to my background. But I’d like to thank Mr Wambedde for introducing me and others to C, C++, VB, and JAVA programming. Though I couldn’t connect, it helped me with my self-learning of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Which have helped me to advance my career.  I focused on Web development and use some of my earnings to teach young people and youths in underserved communities rather than start creating a PlayStation.

These are some of the websites I have worked on.

I am a Passionate Instructor

My aunt was always present when my mother and father were not. She could make time to attend speech days and other school functions. She was there whenever the school called a parents’ meeting, and she was there when I got sick. I think she wanted me as a child to feel loved and educated. She believed in me and always encouraged me to help her children with their homework.

This, I believe, is the source of my desire to share knowledge. Senga Nakato, I will be eternally grateful.

In my pursuit of becoming professional career and life design coach, facilitate events and workshops on topics such as computer and technology use, career design, life design and transformation, and entrepreneurship.
I’ve facilitated WordCamps & WordPress meetup technology events around Uganda, Youth Legacy Africa community event in Walukuba – Jinja, Girls Take the lead at Masese Girls Senior Secondary School – Jinja and Find your calling at RPM in Kampala – Uganda.

Community Contributor

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, impressed me greatly in my early computing days. I liked his contribution of Open source tools that have influenced the way we use technology.

Even before I knew what open-source was it was empowering me to learn and practice. 
In fact, I am a firm believer that without it technology would stagnate and not advance at the pace it is.

I have contributed to various Open-Source projects but the one that standouts for me so far is the one on the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, which changed the way people in Uganda are leveraging e-commerce.
Check out my source codes on github.