David Wampamba


Hello world!

Though I have used the phrase to greet as a welcome to my personal website, I’m absolutely sure you have come across this phrase before, either in the code for programmers or the internet for the none programmers. But where

Pursuing happiness by building communities.

Over the years I have learned about many things including but not limited to computers, business and education. The knowledge acquired helped me develop  website designing, entrepreneurship and community activism skills. These skills help me, run a small mobile money

How do you find courage to push on hard for success?

Many of us have a vision and dreams which we really want to achieve in this life. In fact, we try to work hard, set goals and objectives but it just doesn’t happen or it is about to happen before we quit.


How to build relevant networks and improve your business.

Any idea whether charity or business needs at a collage of these 5 elements, to grow. In fact, so many of underrate one of the elements, but if once neglected, however much the idea will develop, it may completely fail when

Take action and paint your vision.

For so many months I have been pondering on whether I should learn git or not, I know I needed it than I wanted. Though I kept on procrastinating which made everything difficult. To the extend that even the little

1 way to get the best out of WordPress blogs!

If we are all familiar WordPress is one among themes which allows anyone anywhere, any age to register and get a free blog. But how can you best benefit from the blogs in the WordPress.com database? I will share about

The untold story, shortly fast backward!

If I remember very well, fast backward in 2008 – 2009, I started teaching myself HTML, JavaScript and PHP. But the inspiration was always developed from the PowerPoint slides I often designed, which sparked my interest in Photoshop. Kaweesi Mark

Art of Resource Mobilization – Discussion

On 1st June, 2016 some headed to Hotel Africana in Kampala for the much awaited monthly gathering – Author’s Forum. Many who haven’t attended a single of this forum don’t do because they think it’s for book writers because of

2 top secrets to help you achieve anything you want.

If you don’t know why whatever is happening, happens like it is today, here I share the 2 top secrets to help you achieve anything you want. People will look down to themselves and wonder why they are where they

The Web Design course requirements and outline

Recently I made up my mind and announced that I will taking you through each fundamental step of web design. So that you can become a person known for web design by creating tools which will help improve life in

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