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A beautiful thought for 29-05-2019

Hey beloved,

Once in a while, I develop thoughts in my head, and instead of keeping them to myself I’ve decided to share them. Who knows who it will help? By the way, at the bottom of the post, is a comment box where you too can participate/contribute.

On Financial Empowerment

If a friend can’t afford to pay double for what you sell. They should bring two of their good friends to not to see, not to talk but to buy and pay instantly.

On personal positive change

The only person who doesn’t want change is the poor person. Because they’re weak, self-centered and choice-less. You may apply the filter.

On a Happy life

It’s not really about the people who downplay us. It’s not about people who say if you could afford a trip, or a car, or a house, or a pair of shoes or whatever material for them, you would be given a chance.

It’s about those beautiful/handsome people who would not be afraid to be with us on our way up. If you get somewhere, remember them – please.

On Trust

Trust is gained by practicing and exploding Honesty.

On Respect

Respect goes to whom explodes and practices and glows self-respect.

On Choices

Our words (spoken and written), are perceived as our choices.

On Faith

Is letting go of the pleasures of the flesh for the strength of the spirit.

Do you have some thoughts and not shy about sharing them? I will be happy to read and share them, just send them through the comments below.

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