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You are not about to die poor.

In recent years, the biggest number of people I have met are characterized by the following;-

  1. Lazy
  2. Not ready
  3. Entitled
  4. Ignorant
  5. Dishonest
  6. Inconsistent

It sounds unfortunate, that most probably you will meet people of similar characteristics or more if you’ve not met them yet.

Disclaimer: What am about to say is not to mean, I’m angel myself or always accurate and successful. Sometimes but not most, I have under-delivered, to the extent of feeling unworthy.

Anyway, here is the scenario I want to share.

Him: You see, If you do this for me, I will market you. This is gonna work, it will be good for your portfolio.

Me: Okay, amazing.

1. How much budget have you prepared to spend on marketing me?

2. In numbers, how many people off the head, do you know that are looking for someone like me?

3. How many people have you done something like this with and succeeded? Can I meet or talk to one of them?

4. Since you will market me, what do you think my goals and dreams are?
My dear creative.

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