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Thoughts on 13-06-2019

I promised to share my thoughts in any possible way. In fact, am happy to be honoring you, my readers, that today by sharing something that could be life changing to some. Please, I request you to converse through the open comment box below.

A NO is a NO in whatever form and at the time it comes. Be inspired to Seek and Ask.

Sometimes things are not working out because we are not shifting our mind and physical station from our usual environment.

Recognize, observe and celebrate small achievements, so that your mind can develop the habit of moving to the next step towards the finish line.

Trying and failing is better than failing to try.

If you think money gives you drive, find what you like doing when you have the money.

The larger the population you serve, the higher the chances of finding financial stability.

We always cheat when promise to do something and we otherwise.

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