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Top 4 Ugandan tech blogs

Information creation and distribution is key in this era. As much as there is information scarcity, in Africa, some people decided to pioneer to create it and distribute it online.
In my country Uganda, there over 500 blogs according to Key note speaker at the CMS SUMMIT 16, Onyait Odeke. These blogs share content from different sectors such as  entertainment, sports & recreation, health, fashion, personal development, finance and many other niches.
For today, I would like to share with you some a list of those but targeted the Tech niche. So that next time you want to know about Tech news in Uganda, you have where to start or know where to find them.

Here you go, the list in order of popularity.

  1. PCTechMag
  2. Dignited
  3. Techjaja
  4. Guru8

Do you know of any other Tech blogs in Uganda? Feel free to share them through the comment form below, I will be glad to them on the list.

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